Best-Selling Author, Charol Messenger, Launches Her Newest Book, Your Awakening Attitude of Service

Due to the 2020 global pandemic, now more than ever before, we’re able to see how we really are all connected and that what each of us does really does affect others. Your Awakening Attitude of Service: In Jesus’ Words, Today is a course of action for living by compassion and conscience. It demonstrates how these are the keys to transforming our social attitudes and communities, globally.

The uprisings, resistance, and protests are The Fullness flushing out the old vibrations to reveal humanity’s inherent grace. Until now, fear has been the enforcer on Earth. Now the tide is turning. It is possible to solve the problems that face humanity—health, economic, social, political, and environmental. It is not too late. A new humanity is transcending, through opening hearts and a shifting attitude: We are all one. We’ll see the effects of this transformation in this lifetime, in this generation. Humanity’s good is arising as a prevailing force in all lands, from this day forward.

From the ascended consciousness of Jesus, we’re given timely new teachings, insights, meditations, affirmations, attunements, breath exercises, clearing techniques, attitudes that heal, and an abundance of steps to still the disquiet and shut out the fear—so we can let our conscience be our guide. Through these difficult days, we are called upon to let our compassion show us what is true and real in every circumstance. Jesus’ nurturing words stir our hearts to see the Light in every other, to see goodness in all peoples.

He lifts our vision to embrace the whole of humanity. His simple plan unlocks our strength and wisdom—as we stand up together for what is right for all and live by kindness in every matter we face. 

About this book, Roger K. Allen, Ph.D. psychologist, co-founder of The Human Development Institute and Center for Organizational Design, consultant, coach, and author of The Hero’s Choice: Leading from the Inside Out, stated: “Charol Messenger’s book, You’re Awakening Attitude of Service: In Jesus’ Words, Today, is a timely message of hope, light, inspiration and, most of all, unity and service.” Larry Vorwerk, author of The Bartholomew Effect: Awakening to Oneness, said, “What I love about this book is the concentration of wisdom and clarity that comes out in Jesus’ words. There are few books that share insights and wisdom in the silence between the words. Your Awakening Attitude of Service is one of those rare books that does this.”

Your Awakening Attitude of Service is the sequel to the award-winning In Jesus’ Words, Today: Humanity’s Magnificent Future, which Charol Messenger discussed in two 2019 global TV interviews with Preach the Word Worldwide Network to its audience of 100 million.

As a multiple award-winning author in spirituality, Charol Messenger catapulted to Best-Selling Author status as a featured co-author in Jim Britt’s #1 International Best Seller Cracking the Rich Code, Vol. I, co-authored with Kevin Harrington and endorsed by Tony Robbins. Messenger’s chapter, “How to Live Stress-Free,” contains her personal stories of how trusting her inborn instincts saved her dozens of times from impending danger. Messenger’s 15 book awards in nondenominational spirituality and personal growth include 5 international First Place and Second Place.

An honoree of Marquis Who’s Who in America 2020, Charol Messenger inspires readers of all ages with her nondenominational spirituality books on our transforming global society and how to listen to our innate inner guidance. A spirituality teacher since 1975, Messenger has counseled more than 75,000 individuals on how to live from their higher self.

Charol Messenger’s writings have been compared to those of Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, James Redfield, Gina Lake, and David R. Hawkins. 


Charol Messenger received a B.A. in English, philosophy, and world religions from the University of Colorado in 1985. Her memberships include World Future Society, whose senior editor interviewed her in 2012 for their magazine “The Futurist” on her flagship title Humanity 2.0: The New Humanity. A professional freelance book editor since 1994, Charol Messenger also has published extensively in the U.S. and Canada, including more than eight books as well as her own column in a Colorado Springs women’s newspaper, Expressions. She lives in Colorado.

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Best-selling author Charol Messenger is an honoree of Marquis Who’s Who in America 2020. Her 15 book awards in spirituality and personal growth include 5 international First Place and Second Place.