Dating Coach Creates Quiz To Stop People Sabotaging Their Own Love Life

Dating coach Adam Lyons has created an online quiz to help people discover the ways they might be sabotaging their own chances of romance.

The Self Sabotage Dating Test allows people to find out which of seven personality types they belong to and how this impacts the way they date. Aimed predominantly at men, the test is designed to help them see the ways they have been self-sabotaging when it comes to dating so they can improve their chances of success.

Adam, who is the founder of Ask the Dating Coach, originally developed the quiz to use with clients on his high-level programs. It proved to be so successful in helping him identify weaknesses in their dating strategies, that he decided to open it up to anyone by offering it free on his website,

The 43-year-old, who is originally from London, UK and now lives in Texas, US, says: “Most of the dating advice out there comes from the one personality type which speaks the loudest and it doesn’t resonate with everyone. The Self Sabotage Dating Test calculates which personality type you are out of seven and helps you identify which of the seven types you match best with and how you would match with the other six.

“It is designed to show men where they are going wrong. Each personality type has eleven different ways they will commonly mess up their own dating success.”

The seven personality types include the Social Guy, the Voice of Reason, the Enabler, the Daddy, the Creative and the Performer. Adam says that people’s personality types are not fixed and can change depending on their mood, circumstances and situation. 

Adam says: “I’ve been teaching men how to date successfully for 18 years, and the first step has always been to work out what someone’s personality type is as well as the personality type of the kind of people they want to date. Once we know that, we can build a plan and instead of trying to date every woman they meet, they are focused on looking for the right one.

“There are lots of ways people self-sabotage when it comes to dating but the most common one is telling themselves ‘it won’t work for me’. Ruling themselves out before they even try is the biggest way people hold themselves back, followed by telling themselves they don’t have time or that no one will be interested in them.

“The test isn’t a fun, fluffy quiz – some of the questions are quite invasive and ask about things like finances but this is because we want to identify who you really are and give you an accurate result.”

The Self Sabotage Test is available now at