Entrepreneurial Heavy Hitters Bring Impact To Small Business Conference In 2021

Unique from other business gatherings, this retreat requires speakers to sit in the audience with attendees, as well as speak from the stage and conduct workshops. “Something I love, is you look around the room at the GROW Retreat, and here’s a speaker having a conversation with five attendees and another is eating lunch with another group of business owners,” says GROW Disrupt Founder, Stephanie Scheller. The lineup includes Jeff Hoffman, serial entrepreneur and best known as a founder and CEO in the Priceline.com family of companies. Hoffman will share how attendees can scale their businesses using the same seven principles he gave to Amazon, Apple, and Virgin. Another successful serial entrepreneur is Claudia Harvey, founding partner of the BG Wealth Group. Claudia has started several multi-million-dollar companies, including DigIt® Apparel which Kevin O’Leary of Dragon’s Den fame invested in. Business owners will learn the 3 pillars of success that enabled Claudia to build a successful business during a recession.

Returning speaker, Carl Gould, CEO of 7 Stage Advisors, also built multi-million-dollar businesses all before the age of 40. He will talk about how to create an offer so obnoxiously expensive that people can’t help but buy from the company. On day 2, he will then show business development done right so participants can get the business they deserve using that obnoxious offer. Marketing must connect with potential customers at a new level for businesses to positively impact their customers. Bringing their unique take on how to truly connect with prospects at a deeper level are Jeffrey Shaw, author of the book, Lingo, Christina Daves, founder of PR for Anyone, and Shannon Hernandez, creator of the Content Personality wheel.

Shaw rose to fame photographing the rich and famous. He learned the power of speaking their language to be able to draw them in and become his clients. He will be sharing those secrets from the stage and in a workshop, empowering attendees to differentiate themselves by speaking their customers’ language.

PR can be very expensive. But PR guru, Christina Daves’ clients had more than a billion views on YouTube in 2019! Christina will show the power and process of getting PR and media for free! Participants will learn the process she uses for herself and her clients that gets massive exposure that’s affordable. Stories make a powerful impact on prospective customers. Shannon Hernandez teaches thought leaders from around the world to market products and services that are true to their hearts. In her presentation, she will help attendees build the kinds of stories that will speak to clients on a deep level, attracting the right clients to their businesses.

Every business owner wants to build a company where employees take ownership of their work. Enter Dr. Terrence Young. Dr. Young is the owner of one of the largest OB-GYN practices in New York. Working with a psychologist, he said, “All of our research is around how to create a culture of leadership from the actual leader down to the janitor.” His talk and workshop about creating that culture will help business owners transform their companies into strong businesses that will impact not just the company but also the lives of the employees and everyone they touch.

“Speakers play full out, giving generously to the attendees both days,” says Ms. Scheller, “And that’s one of the things that makes this retreat more valuable than any other event of the year.” To learn more, go to https://www.thegrowretreat.com.