Klen App, The COVID-19 Communication Software For Small Businesses, Launches in Austin Texas Providing 6 Months Of Free Service Helping To Reopen Main Street.

Austin, TX – Klen App announces today they are providing Austin based businesses six months of free access to the Klen Economic Recovery Cloud (ERC) platform. The platform is a web-app for companies to communicate to consumers how they comply with COVID-19 cleaning guidelines. 

The Klen ERC works to get customers to return to a business by addressing the consumer’s fear of getting sick at the business location and removes the confusion in staying up to date with COVID-19 regulations and guidelines for the business owner. In essence, the platform provides businesses the means to rebuild consumer trust and provide transparency into keeping customers safe. 

Klen ERC was developed by some of the brightest minds in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science using emerging technologies to help societies and economies overcome the COVID-19 shock.

Klen App was designed to empower owners and operators across small businesses and large enterprises to provide the necessary transparency in prioritizing workers’ and consumers’ health and safety. Klen App builds trust by connecting community and commerce with a common goal of thriving in the new normal, by providing companies tools to communicate how they are stewards of their community.

Recently the global consulting firm McKinsey released a report stating 80% of US Consumers Have Anxiety about Indoor Dining; this consumer fear goes beyond the restaurant sector and crosses over to any indoor establishment. There has been a seismic shift in consumer buying behavior with cleanliness at the core. 

“We believe in using our technology and expertise to connect communities and commerce by delivering the transparency consumers value, helping businesses get back on their feet faster, and getting our economies re-opened quicker and safer. This is why the Klen App exists. Ultimately, this will be a major benefit to our customers because it builds customers’ trust and seizes a competitive advantage. The Klen App provides social proof to demonstrate your commitment to customers’ and communities’ safety, removes confusion, and helps businesses stay up to date with COVID-19 regulations and guidelines. We are thrilled to help get Austin thriving again by providing our service free for 6 months for small businesses” stated Sol Girouard Klen App CEO and Founder.

The wrong customer pandemic strategy plan and approach for winning back customers can not only prevent small businesses from obtaining revenue goals, damage the business’ reputation in the community, put staff in harm’s way but could land the small business on the wrong side of an evolve or die moment they are currently facing. 

Klen App is poised to help Austin based businesses get a leg up in building customer trust and thriving again. More information can be found at https://klen.io/austin-special-offer/ 

About Klen App:  

Klen App delivers transparency and trust by providing organizations tools to communicate COVID-19 compliance to consumers. We utilize our expertise in emerging technologies with ethical deployments to connect communities and commerce, supporting companies who value their community’s health and safety. Klēn believes how you do business matters, that’s why we are building a better normal while supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. https://klen.io