Real Estate Investor Nancy Wallace-Laabs Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Let Me Ask You This“

Real Estate Investor Nancy Wallace-Laabs’ recent release, Let Me Ask You This: How to Get the Answers You Need to Achieve Financial Freedom and Build a Legacy hit’s best seller list on November 13, 2020, climbing all the way to Number One in the Practical Guides to Real Estate category.

LET ME ASK YOU THIS… is the result of Nancy Wallace-Laabs’ quest to find the answers needed to achieve financial freedom and build a legacy through real estate investing. Nancy shares the successes, missteps, and mistakes she and her husband Brian have experienced as real estate investors. Nancy outlines her Profitable Landlord System and the steps investors must take when finding and purchasing properties, finding tenants, managing properties, building a team, creating a plan, and leaving a legacy. 

In response to the book hitting Number One, Wallace-Laabs stated, “I am thrilled this book is so well received. Now more than ever people are looking for sure-fire ways to take control of their finances and create the wealth they want and deserve. We could not be more elated to help others learn from our real-life experiences and achieve the same level of success we have experienced with our real estate investments!”

Wallace-Laabs has pledged a percentage of the royalties from the retail sales of “Let Me Ask You This” to be donated to Map of Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals suffering from chronic depression.

Let Me Ask You This is a must-read for anyone considering getting into the real estate investment game. The book is currently available in Kindle Digital and Paperback editions through

About Nancy Wallace-Laabs
Nancy Wallace-Laabs is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Texas. She has more than 15 years of real estate investing experience, owns several rental properties, and was a property manager for more than 12 years in the North DFW area. Nancy and her husband, Brian, founded the Profitable Landlord System to provide a predictable, repeatable, and simple step-by-step method for becoming a profitable landlord to help other real estate investors who want to create wealth, experience financial freedom, and leave an impact for their community. The Profitable Landlord System includes real-life examples, case studies, and risk factor considerations that every investor needs to be successful. To learn more about, Nancy Wallace-Laabs, visit

About Map of Hope
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Let Me Ask You This: How to Get the Answers You Need to Achieve Financial Freedom and Build a Legacy is now available on at