Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus to Perform at GALA Festival 2024

PROVIDENCE, RI – July 8, 2024 – The Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus (RIGMC) is excited to announce that the Chorus, under the direction of its Artistic Director, Kim Kuda, will be performing at the prestigious GALA Festival 2024 in Minneapolis, MN, on Saturday, July 13, 2024.

GALA Festival is the largest LGBTQIA+ choral event in the world.  It provides five days of performance, collaboration, connecting, and creating, with concerts, workshops, and social events throughout the five days.

RIGMC Chorus members come from different backgrounds, experiences, jobs, education and outlooks.  They represent a wide variety of cultural, ethnic, religious and political backgrounds.  In addition, they have different ages, musical tastes, choral experience and different levels of ability to sing, perform and dance.

Membership is open to members of the LGBTQIA+ family, and to allies, who can sing in the vocal ranges represented by the Chorus.

Regardless of their differences, RIGMC members are united in believing that voices can be used to uplift, educate, entertain and ultimately … transform.

RIGMC is well-versed in how music can uplift and transform. This belief has led the Chorus to be invited to perform at various events and venues in addition to their regular concert season, including invitations to perform at The American Heart Association, The Rhode Show, The Gamm Theater, Alders Bridge, Senior Citizen Homes, Pride Services at The Unitarian Church and the Pawsox.

In addition to these performances, RIGMC supports other organizations making a difference.  RIGMC does this in a number of ways, including by providing various levels of outreach, sponsorship, and support.

RIGMC also participates in a variety of social activities in the community.  It maintains a strong presence at Providence Pride, performs at special public and private engagements, and provides donations to allied organizations.

For more information about the Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus, their upcoming performance at the GALA Festival, or how to join the Chorus, please visit rigmc.org or email: president@rigmc.org.

**About the Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus (RIGMC)**

Founded in 1995 as the Providence Gay Men’s Chorus and then changed to Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus to represent the entire state of Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus is dedicated to fostering a spirit of inclusiveness and musical excellence. Through performances, community outreach, and educational initiatives, the RIGMC strives to make a positive impact on the lives of its members and the broader community.

Michael Abdallah
Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus
Phone: 401-214-9924