Round Rock Tree Service Declares Winter a Good Time For Tree Trimming

According to MY Tree Services Round Rock, during winter, the amount of outside work goes down but tree trimming is one outdoor task that can be done in winter. And there are some good reasons why.

First, seeing which branch to trim is easier when there are no leaves, the branches are more visible. Without any foliage in the way, the shape and structure of a tree is more plainly seen.  Diseased or dead branches are easier to spot and remove.  Also, branches growing outside of the overall growth pattern of a tree can be identified and pruned accordingly. 

During winter months, trimming a tree is optimal because unlike the spring and summer month, they are no longer in a growing state. In warmer months, most trees are working hard to grow and produce fruit, flower or nuts.  In winter, all activity stops. Dormancy, while a tree is resting, is the perfect time to trim trees because there are no other competing activities going on within the tree.

L. Davis of MY Tree Services Round Rock adds, “Additionally, this cold central Texas weather protects a tree after a trimming.  Any cut into a tree (just like a cut in your skin) is an opening for infection.  Microbes and pests can use these wounds as an entrance into the tree, which may result in the development of disease.  Fortunately in winter, many of these pests are also dormant.  So bacteria, fungi, and insects are less likely to infect a tree trimmed in the winter.”

And in anticipation of the growth spurt that will come in just a few months, trimming trees now can help stimulate increased growth later.  Removing   dead, dying, diseased, or misshapen branches ensures that the tree’s energy will not be wasted on these branches.  Rather, the energy will go into the healthy branches.  Trimming just before spring gets trees ready for the season of most prolific growth.  Trees produce more abundantly and grow more vigorously after a winter trimming.

However, not all trees should be trimmed in the winter according to My Tree Round Rock. Trees that flower in the spring, such as Texas Mountain Laurel or other ornamental flowering trees, should not be trimmed in winter.  The bloom buds are already set and trimming will cause a loss or reduction of bloom.  These trees should instead be trimmed in the spring or summer after blooms fade to minimize bloom loss for the following year.

If you want to get the benefits of a winter tree trim without having to brave the cold winter wind and temperatures, call My Tree Round Rock to get that taken care of before the spring. They also provide stump removal, roof clearing or moss ball removal. You can call them at 512 520-0201 or visit their website to schedule an appointment.

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