Troy Thompson, Owner and Founder of Angel of Freedom Financial, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Troy Thompson discusses how proactive planning and the virtual family office give financial planning clients the best experience.  

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For today’s family office, proactive planning is the cornerstone of financial success. Dealing with complex investments, taxes, and other operational demands can be a daunting task when ensuring that one’s assets are being managed properly. That’s where the Virtual Family Office (VFO) comes in. The VFO has revolutionized the way clients approach their finances by providing comprehensive, proactive planning services.

The VFO offers clients a personalized financial plan that considers their current and future goals. This plan serves as an actionable roadmap for the client to follow in order to achieve their objectives. With this approach, clients can ensure their investments are optimized for long-term growth while simultaneously protecting themselves from potential risks.

In addition to proactive financial planning, the VFO provides a wide range of other services that simplify and streamline financial management. These services include automated bill payment, real-time portfolio analysis, performance monitoring, tax preparation assistance, wealth transfer solutions, and more. The Virtual Family Office also grants clients access to experienced advisors who can offer guidance on investments and a variety of other topics.

For those seeking the best financial planning experience, the Virtual Family Office is the way to go. With its comprehensive services and experienced advisors, the VFO offers clients an unparalleled level of support, helping them make informed decisions about their assets and achieve their long-term financial goals. Through proactive planning, tailored advice, and a wide range of other services, the Virtual Family Office ensures that clients maximize their financial potential.

Furthermore, the VFO allows families to access their advisor on the go through its mobile-friendly platform, making it easy to stay connected and informed, even when on the move. The platform also delivers real-time updates on portfolio performance and market changes, simplifying the tracking of investments from anywhere. With the Virtual Family Office, clients can stay ahead of the curve and make sound decisions that contribute to building their financial future.

Troy shared: “The Virtual Family Office is a revolutionary tool for today’s family office, offering comprehensive services and an unparalleled level of support. With its proactive planning capabilities, experienced advisors, and real-time updates, the VFO empowers clients to make the most of their finances and achieve their long-term goals”


About Troy Thompson

Troy Thompson is the owner and founder of Angel Of Freedom Financial. He works with a proactive team of specialists who provide tremendous value in the areas of tax, law, wealth management, risk management, estate planning, and business development. This holistic approach multiplies and accelerates current plans, and identifies areas for enhancement.  

Troy has over 28 years of investment and insurance experience. As an active-duty Registered Nurse, he started his finance experience as a client in 1995. After Troy’s retirement account was cut in half for the second time in 2008, he realized the limitations of the conventional approach. This led to a journey of personal discovery, and investigation of alternatives that resulted in his current practice of offering a Virtual Family Office.

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